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Ethics & Compliance

Our engaging workplace ethics & compliance training programs meet legal standards to inform and educate your workforce... keeping you out of court!

Diversity, Equity Inclusion & Belonging

Optimize your diverse team by leveraging the power of cultural competence, communication and accountability.


Empower your leaders to lead. Sollah's leadership training will maximize and motivate your managers, supervisors and C-level teams.

Personal Performance

Motivate your workforce to use their problem-solving and communication skills to achieve greater results... every day.

Are your customers getting the respect they expect (and deserve)?

No Problem! Serving Other with Respect™ - Sollah's latest training program on inclusive customer service.

Are you ready for the future of work? Big changes are already happening!

The Future of Work™ Generations in the Workplace - understanding & leading across generational differences.

Start effectively training today. Implement the award-winning workplace programs that top companies trust... quickly and efficiently.

The Sollah team will tailor an employee or leadership development training roadmap to meet your learning & upskilling needs and objectives to give you peace of mind and empower your workforce. Sollah's training programs are realistic, relevant & relatable!


Launch A Training Session In Minutes

DEIB or leadership training shouldn’t be a hassle in your castle. With Sollah, we help you launch your training program in less than a day.

Ensure Compliance with Your Workforce

Few expenses are as costly to an organization as an HR-related lawsuit. Sollah helps you Train Fearlessly™ so you can minimize your chances of ending up in court.

Tailored Custom Implementation Plan

"One size fits all" is a thing of the past. Sollah works with you to create a training experience as unique as each of your employees.

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A Little Love From Sollah Customers


We've worked with Sollah Interactive for some time. The functionality, development and delivery of their programs are exceptional. The vast options on various topics makes using Sollah a huge complement to our current online options.

City of Roanoke


The response from Right Side of the Line program has been great! The professional quality and design of the program truly engaged our trainees during the sessions. Great job Sollah!

Coldspring USA

Skender Construction

I thought the material was great, the Sollah team did a great job with the delivery and, and it was the most interactive and energetic training I have been a part of. I have never seen our team get so involved in a training session… at least not so willingly!

Shermco Industries

The Greenbrier Companies

Sollah's clear and concise messaging makes their DEIB training materials easy to implement and share across employee groups. We have already seen great results, including lots of positive employee feedback.


Sollah's Customer-Centric Process











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Sample Package Pricing

Sollah has pricing packages for every size organization. We work with you to identify your training objectives, requirements and specific training needs and build the perfect combination of online and/or facilitated training resources that improve workplace performance and behavior.

Video Package eLearning Package Library Package
Starting at $4,835 Starting at $8,125 Starting at $9,995
Up to 500 learners Up to 500 learners Up to 500 learners
One Video Program
Full Length Video, Workbooks, PPT
Five eLearning Courses
Hosted on your LMS
Access to 7,000+ Resources
Full Length Videos, Vignettes, Case Studies, etc.

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The Role of Transparent Communication in the Workplace

The Role of Transparent Communication in the Workplace

Trust and empathy are the heart of a successful customer service strategy. An organization’s ability to understand customers' needs and emotions is powerful. Acknowledging concerns and frustrations builds trust with clients. Empathetic customer service turns satisfied customers into brand advocates who eagerly promote your business to others.

The Importance of Internal and External Customer Service

The Importance of Internal and External Customer Service

Companies set the stage for success when they prioritize their customer’s happiness. Long-term sustainability is directly connected to customer retention and loyalty. Companies that establish themselves as trusted partners forge committed relationships with their customers.

Harassment Prevention Training... It Matters!

Harassment Prevention Training... It Matters!

Harassment is a form of discrimination that violates federal and state laws, as well as the dignity and rights of individuals. Harassment can create a hostile, intimidating, or offensive work environment that affects the well-being, productivity, and performance of employees and managers.

Using Positive Redirection and Positive Response in the Workplace

Using Positive Redirection and Positive Response in the Workplace

Positive redirection is a way of addressing undesirable behavior or performance in a constructive and respectful way, while positive response is a way of acknowledging and appreciating someone's good work or effort. It’s important for leaders and managers to understand how each skill can achieve several goals, such as maintaining or building positive relationships, motivating or inspiring people, and improving or reinforcing performance.

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