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Best SellerOn SaleDiscussion Card - Multigenerational Teams: (Conversation Starter/Training Reminder)

Training Resource Price: $39.95

Includes 100 Cards


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Experience high-quality, affordable training when deploying this solution as a licensed program (electronic delivery is included).

This fun, information-packed card provides a working across generations model (A.G.E.S. @ W.O.R.K.) and questions to address common generational-specific issues in the workplace.

These  thought-provoking cards can be distributed for a quick reminder or conversation starter or even a post-training reminder. They can also be used to trigger discussion inside and outside of the training room!

Sample Questions Include:

Also available! Each card set has a companion mini discussion guide available to help a manager, trainer or facilitator quickly start a conversation based on the card topic. The discussion guide is $29.95 and delivered in PDF format.

Note: Each card is the size of a business card. Printed on high quality paper stock with a glossy coating on both sides. The tip cards are durable and a great way to start a conversation or handle just-in-time situations.

About Discussion Card - Multigenerational Teams:

Special Package and Pricing Options:

Our Tip Cards are two-sided business cards. Each card is focused on one aspect of diversity. On the front of the card it has tips for that focus area. The tips are written as an acronym using one focus word such as respect, culture, etc. On the back, it has questions that help to further explore the topic area.

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