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New ReleaseBest SellerYou Be The Judge II™

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Program Length: 22 minutes

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Now a Sollah Interactive Program! Managers within your organization may well understand the importance of avoiding obvious discriminatory interview questions. But what if a manager asks a discriminatory question unintentionally? The principles of legal and effective interviewing are presented in this Law & Order-style program, find out the interview no-nos, sidestep the legal landmines, and conduct a fair and effective interview.

About You Be The Judge II™:

Be confident that each manager in the organization is conducting interviews that are defendable in court. Because discrimination can occur without a manager even knowing it, this program reinforces the importance of following a structured interview plan in an effort to avoid spontaneous comments or questions that could steer into the job applicant’s personal life. Essentially, this video teaches managers the important rule of thumb: if the interview question does not relate to the job, don’t ask it!

In this powerful video story viewers witness Virginia, a job applicant who suspects that she has been unlawfully discriminated against because of her gender. Her interviewer, Mr. Coleman, asks if she has children and therefore assumes that she wouldn’t be fully committed to the job. Realizing that this question based on her personal life was unlawful, Virginia takes her case to court. During the lawsuit it is discovered that Mr. Coleman acted biased even while taking notes throughout the interview, jotting down that she was "attractive" and "wouldn’t fit in here." Mr. Coleman’s lack of knowledge on how to conduct a legally defensible interview resulted in a costly expense for his company.

Learning Point Highlights

 Viewers will learn how certain interviewing questions can be legally rephrased to ask specific questions about job-related issues.

Target Audience: Managers & Supervisors

Program Options: Multiple Instructor-Led Session Options, Self-Study - Video Program withLeader's Guide

Also Available: Interviewing: More Than a Gut Feeling How-to Book (starting at $19.95 each)

Other Formats: Interactive eLearning & Video Streaming

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