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TrainingBriefs™ Motivating Bad Attitudes

New Micro-Learning! Dealing with an employee who has ceased to care about the job, can be very frustrating but it is possible to work with the employee and uncover the underlying issues. When an employee doesn’t seem to care about their job, it’s easy to make assumptions about why they might be acting that way. The problem is, you could be way off base and your actions could end up making the problem worse.

Sometimes a motivation problem is not because the employee has negative feelings or doesn’t care about their job, but because the employee does not understand the implications of their actions. In other words, they do not see the big picture or how the quality of their work impacts others.

Interactivity: Integrated video, audible narration, interactions, mobile design, post-test.

Seat time: 6 Minutes

Topics: Coaching, Communication, Leadership, Personal Performance

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