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TrainingBriefs® I Can’t Take it Anymore!

New Micro-Learning! Change! How many of us really like it? We all know it is part of life – part of the workplace. But with change comes stress and uncertainty. Many of us are feeling (or have felt) the impact of working remotely during the pandemic. We’ve been asked to social distance for months and we are all feeling the lack of real co-worker interaction.

A big part of maintaining a respectful workplace is understanding that we each deal with change differently. Effective communication is a great way to ease stress and fear of the unknown. Acknowledging one another (team members) is a great way to keep in touch, on task and motivated.

Understand some great ways to ease stress and fear of the unknown while in the "workplace."
Learn action steps we can take when a co-worker feels frustrated with change and stressed by work-life balance issues.

Interactivity: Integrated video, audible narration, interactions, mobile design, post-test.

Seat time: 5 Minutes

Topics: Change, Communication, Diversity, Inclusion & Respect

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