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Diversity 101™ (eLearning Classic)

Based on the national best-selling program, M.E.E.T. Breaking New Ground™, Diversity 101™ takes a fun, creative and interactive approach to describing the core components of diversity and inclusion in the workplace. This powerful, new course features 8 dramatic, thought-provoking vignettes that entertain while tackling deep diversity, inclusion and respect topics.

This interactive eLearning course teaches the “respect and inclusion” component of diversity – from the employee’s perspective. Topics include: unconscious (hidden) bias, cultural competence, diversity moments, gender & gender identity, rumors & gossip, joking and improper expressions.

Interactivity: Linear navigation, pre- and post-assessment, full video, interactions, audible narration.

Seat time: 45 Minutes

Topics: Diversity, Inclusion & Respect, Gender Identity, Hidden Bias, Micro-Inequities, Onboarding

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